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Enjoy Safe Dentistry in Modesto

When the world is working to overcome health issues, there can be an added apprehension when it’s time to see the dentist. Know that our dependable team and clean dental office await you for an experience of safe dentistry in Modesto that will make you and your family smile.

Please don’t hesitate to speak with us if you have any concerns or questions about your appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon and ensuring every moment with us is free from anxiety. Maintaining your oral health is more important than ever, and we’re here to help.

One Step Ahead for You

Even more than before, Dental Design Studio is making sure you’re protected and feeling safe when you come to our office for treatment or a cleaning. We’ve enhanced the strict measures we already had in place and will continue to evolve and improve with whatever guidelines come our way. Our goal has always been to provide safe dentistry in Modesto through comprehensive sterilization processes, enhanced screening for possible symptoms of illness, and more. Please know that we may ask you to take an at-home test prior to arrival at our office or reschedule if you’re not feeling well.

We Cater to Comfort

Are you a little nervous about finding safe dentistry in Modesto and a clean dental office that’s right for you? We follow universal sterilization procedures outlined by the American Dental Association. All instruments are steam sterilized with a special color indicating pouch. We do offer appointments for patients who are health compromised or who have special needs. You’ll be pleased to know that we go out of our way to not keep any patients waiting in between appointments, but we do conduct a thorough sterilization procedure that could take a little longer than expected but it’s all for you!

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