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Bring Back Your Smile with Dr. Pandher

Have you put off getting dental work done because you’re worried about how it will impact your appearance? Do you have terrible tooth pain that you’ve been ignoring because you don’t want to deal with the hassle of going to see a dentist? Have you been avoiding smiling because of concerns about the state of your teeth?

At Dental Design Studio, we are here to help guide you through these issues with restorative dentistry. Restorative dentistry is all about bringing back function and beauty to your teeth so that they look better and feel better.

Dental Fillings at Dental Design Studio

Experiencing pain from a cavity? It may be time for a filling. During this process, our dental team will gently remove the decay in your tooth and replace it with durable composite material (or gold if requested).


Tired of having multiple missing teeth? We can bring back your smile with dental bridges. During this procedure, a crown is placed on the teeth on both sides of the gap, and the bridge (a row of false teeth) is attached to the crowns.

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Full Dentures & Partials

Get a beautiful smile in no time with dentures or partials! Whether you are looking to replace all of your teeth or just a portion of your teeth, dentures and partials are great removable teeth replacement options to help you chew easily and smile with confidence.

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Oral Surgery in Modesto

Wisdom teeth surgery is an uncomfortable topic for many people. But by offering wisdom teeth surgery services at our full-service dental practice, we hope to make having your wisdom teeth removed as quick and painless as possible. Give us a call to schedule a consultation today!


If you have damaged teeth beyond repair, a crown is a great dental restoration solution. The crown (or dental cap) fits seamlessly on top of an implant or a repaired tooth, so you can eat and smile again without pain or discomfort.

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Root Canals

Endodontics is a field of dental care focused on keeping your teeth healthy and treating them when they become infected. (With endodontics, you don’t have to worry about having your smile changed forever by an extraction!)

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