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If you have damaged teeth beyond repair, a crown is a great dental restoration solution. The crown (or dental cap) fits seamlessly on top of an implant or a repaired tooth, so you can eat and smile again without pain or discomfort.

Nervous? Don’t be.

At Dental Design Studio, Dr. Pandher and the team are dedicated to being with you every step of the way to make sure that the crown process goes smoothly and that you are as comfortable as possible. To find out if a dental crown is right for you, give us a call today!

About the Dental Crown Procedure

During the dental crown procedure, we will:

  1. Gently numb your mouth and the area around the tooth needing a crown.
  2. Remove any decay from the tooth.
  3. Shape the remaining part of the tooth to be ready for a crown.
  4. Take an impression of the prepared tooth.
  5. Fit you with a temporary crown to wear while the lab creates your permanent crown.
  6. Place the permanent crown once it arrives from our lab, as well as make any necessary adjustments for fit.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Thinking about getting a dental crown? Here are some of the top benefits of getting this tooth restoration:

  • Improved Aesthetics – Crowns can improve the look of your smile by concealing damaged teeth and improving discoloration, shape, or alignment issues.
  • Better Mouth Function – They can protect a weakened tooth from decay or further damage.
  • Long Life Span – A dental crown is both long-lasting and wear-resistant to ensure that your smile will last you for many more smiles to come.

Home Care Instructions

It’s common to have sensitivity or irritation near the site of the procedure, so be sure to do a warm salt water rinse two times a day to help with the swelling. Additionally, you will want to continue normal hygiene protocols including brushing and flossing your teeth as normal.

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